Difyn Lab is a creative agency helping brands achieve greater influence by aligning strategy, design, and technology

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    meets technology

    We help companies, big and small, discover what makes them unique and channel it into a
    memorable experience that outsells and outshines their competition online.

    We keep our process simple, transparent, and customer-focused. We avoid buzzwords and
    bullshit – we spend our energy instead focused on creating best-in-class user experiences
    that translate into the things that matter.

    Our Services

    Helping you to plan
    a strategy & bring together all teams

    Complex digital products can sometimes feel overwhelming. When projects aren’t straightforward, a well-investigated brief of business and user requirements is the best starting point.

    We help you achieve this through a discovery process, so you can gather insight and partly validate your ideas at a low cost before investing in your main project. Our discoveries usually run over a few weeks, during this time we’ll have provided a steer on solutions to your problems and answers to your questions.

    At the end of the process, we’ll present you with a document that will summarise all our findings from your workshop, a recommended agile roadmap, technical approach, budget information, and how we can get started.

    We craft beautiful digital
    products that work.

    Our team has the experience of tackling complex business problems with innovative product development that moves at speed with your ambitions and customer expectations.

    We use agile not as a buzzword but as a method to build a backlog and get things done when building your digital product. Agile supports our process to help get you to where you need to be, without overwhelming it or causing process bloat. Product and software development covers a wide range of digital outcomes such as web apps, native apps and software as a service (SaaS) for a few examples.

    Digital products (and even websites) are not one-off projects if you want to constantly improve your offering based on customer behaviour, changes in technology and business momentum. If you’re looking for a short term solution and relationship with a digital studio like adaptable, we’re probably not the right team to build your product.

    Great digital experiences are
    powered by great technology

    Our experienced engineering team builds solutions using the latest technology to keep your digital real estate effective, secure and seamlessly integrated.

    A 2 second delay in page load time increases bounce rates by 103%. Performance in the modern web is king, slow websites lead to poor customer engagement. We build all our websites with performance optimisation in mind but we also have another process that can take performance to another level, headless.

    We have experience building everything from a simple brochure ware website to enterprise-level WordPress projects. All of our WordPress projects are built using the Gutenberg editor to offer all of the performance benefits and flexibility of this latest CMS offering. Our WordPress sites are also loaded with reusable components, allowing you to edit existing pages and create new layouts with any combination of assets in any order as you see fit; allowing you to infinitely customise your website and extract the maximum out of your new investment.

    We create beautiful digital
    products that work.

    Creating experiences that work for the people who matter, is our guiding principle across all our projects. In order to create a user experience that is right for your audience (that we will evolve over time) we undertake a series of research phases during your project discovery and strategy sessions.

    From UI mood boards to design style tiles to fully prototyped UI concepts – our design process is an opportunity to create and refine a visual solution that helps your users complete what they came to your product to do. From an app UI prototype to a complex digital product needing a full interface to a website, we’re able to work with you to bring to life a solution from user research and insight.

    Design systems play an important part in all areas of your digital real estate. Depending on the size of your system required, our design team can produce a master style guide, containing your standard fonts, colours, logos, and even rules for written content. This is then backed up with a pattern library where interface items such as buttons and forms are housed along with how they should be used, approved for accessibility compliance. To complete the system, we’re able to turn the patterns into fully functional components meaning your internal team can save time having to recreate items in new projects.

    Helping you to share
    your ideas potential visually

    Whether you’re building a business case inside your organisation or have an important investment pitch with a pending deadline – our rapid MVP process will give you something tangible to start a conversation and make your investors take notice.

    Express App Prototype
    Within just a few weeks we can create to MVP level an: Interactive app prototype
    Website prototype

    Express Investment Deck
    MVP brand – as starting point for your concept
    Investment presentation deck
    Customer facing digital product concepts

    Keeping you online &
    running as smoothly as possible

    Once your website or digital product is launched, we’re here to help support you in the best way possible. We support our clients with regular platform maintenance, WordPress plugin updates, and general security.

    All our servers have continuous monitoring so should any outage occur we have systems in place to alert us to this as soon as it happens. We also have dedicated server-status boards for each project meaning that clients can check their server status and uptime whenever they like.

    For ongoing projects, we support our clients with maintenance and support along with proactive monthly programmes of feature development, enhancements, and user testing. All work is scoped and agreed upon during the monthly planning meeting so everyone is clear on the work being undertaken and what the short and long-term objectives are.

    Our Process

    Our framework is proven to deliver results for our clients.


    The discovery phase forms the building blocks of every project. We get right under the skin of your business, defining user needs through analytics and identifying your commercial goals. It gives us the insight we need to make a difference.


    We design with data, crafting solutions around real customer activity. Our designers strip back the unnecessary and focus on what’s important – delivering simple, engaging digital experiences that work.


    In the build phase, vision becomes reality – but it’s far from the end of the line. Everything we create is with scale and future in mind, with a cycle of iterative improvement continuing long after launch.


    We have a full onboarding experience for when new clients join us. From your discovery phase to the start of the project, your project manager will introduce you to the team and take you through the entire process and the tools we use to support your project.

    We have a full onboarding experience for when new clients join us. From your discovery phase to the start of the project, your project manager will introduce you to the team and take you through the entire process and the tools we use to support your project.

    Agile sprints are the most productive and time saving way to deliver your product – it also gives your project flexibility for any pivots. Due to the complex nature of building digital products from scratch, it’s impossible to know every single detail until the project is initiated.

    A fixed price digital product project will likely always cost more and will need new statements of work issued when you require the flex to change the product scope.

    We’re able to work with clients in a variety of ways post launching your project. From standard maintenance and support through to proactive programmes of work. We have processes and procedures in place to best support you.

    A discovery agenda of what to expect during the workshop will be sent out to everyone attending in advance. The workshop will be an informal session delivered in person or virtually where we focus on engaging & aligning your stakeholders whilst defining your business and project goals. No technical or design knowledge is required from you at this stage.

    Yes, we regularly work with organisations that might have technical resources in house but need help with creating the front-end user experience of any product or service offering. Our design team can work with your internal team to set design standards and make sure any UI is properly handed over for implementation. Once your work is complete our team can then QA this work.


    We are consultants and craftsmen

    Our philosophy is built on people who love creating, learning and growing together, a small studio of just 25 people who form a team with ties that transcend the workplace.

    Tired of reading the same descriptions?

    We’re tired too, so why don’t we directly skip to the part where you understand how we can help you?

    We look across an organization’s entire business to identify actionable advancement across brand, product, and technology.

    Whether thinking about the end-user or admin on the backend, we channel human insight and robust data to craft joyful, useful and intuitive experiences across and within the full brand and product ecosystem.

    We create modular design systems that pique curiosity, express core beliefs and ensure scalable design integrity across brand, product, and technology.

    We make engineering a fundamental part of our design process ensuring that the final product responds directly to business needs and user expectations.