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    Page Transitions

    Page Transitions: Creative Examples, Resources and some Tips

    Page transitions are a fundamental part of website navigation and user experience, they help to create visual continuity and entertain the user while all the assets are loading. The perception of fluidity and continuity is the key to superb app design, and animated transitions between views is the magic of the majority of SOTDs.

    It’s safe to create page transitions simply by animating the common parameters like opacity, position or scale – but this is too easy for an Awwwards’ user and the web already contains plenty of these kinds of examples. We want to inspire you further with The Best Cases of Smooth and Experimental Transitions.

    So let’s get into the world of transitions crafted with rich visual effects. You can apply morphing, shaders, blending modes, organic motion, smoke, masks and many others, as used on the following awarded sites. Warning – be careful while implementing these shocking examples, Awwwards does not take responsibility for any damage caused to the users’ RAM! If you want to ensure the impact in the performance that has to animate a particular property, just check csstriggers.com and avoid changing properties that trigger paint or reflow in the layout, you can read other ? useful Animations and Performance Tips here.


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